Custom Mama Embroidered crew neck Sweatshirt

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🔥 So here are the details-
❤️ Up to 7 names on each sleeve (possibly 8 depending on how long the names are).
——-Please see the picture for comparison. The sand picture is the new (bigger) size. 
❤️ if you have 7 names and it’s tough to fit, may have to omit the heart, but I’ll ALWAYS try to fit it, even if it’s small
❤️ extra sleeve option is still $10 extra  (being able to have extra names on the first sleeve will help. I do have people ask for kiddos names on one sleeve with a heart and pets on the other sleeve with a paw print. (🐶❤️)
❤️ if there is a middle name, I will “stack” the names- totaling 3” from both names from the “L” to the “r” does that make sense?
——— example:
❤️ please indicate if you need a halo for Angel babies, all halos will be in gold unless specified otherwise. no charge extra for this. I’ll do whatever you or want for an Angel baby

❤️ how the name is entered is how it’s stitched, if you want a capital letter, put a capital when it’s entered. If there are multiple ways names are entered on an order, it will be the proper format “Alexander”. PLEASE INCLUDE NAMES IN NOTES OR SEND ME A PM or placing this order online
❤️ TAT is 14 BUSINESS days, not calendar days. if you have received a tracking number, it’s shipped. I will not send anything without a tracking number.

❤️ They do have stabilizer on the back of the stitching. That holds the thread in place. YES, it’s supposed to be there. It will not come off, but it WILL get softer each time it’s washed.